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Love thy enemies?

So i believe that Earth, our planet, is indeed a life body. This is our home at the moment. Don’t you take care of your home? Keep it clean? Contribute? Help your family through hard times? Why cant we extend that out of our homes on to our planet? Humans are bacteria, some bacteria is good and helps us with our growth and protects us. Some bacteria is bad, it can become viral and harmful, possibly even leading to death. No one wants the viral cells in their body. So when something is wrong you go to the doctor and get medicine, that medicine is either something to kill the bacteria or fix it to make it good. So adding on to my previous statement about how humans are bacteria, we are the bacteria of earth. Very few of us actually help the earth. Most of us are harming the planet, while few of us are trying to change the bad for better. If we don’t shape up soon enough our planet will become to sick to stabilize its self therefor needing “medicine” needing healing. Earth will release its antibodies to nurse her self back to heath. i think it’s highly possible the earths antibodies will be natural disasters, used to clear the negative energy off her self. Or in the hopes of man kind rather then wiping us out it will fix us and lead us to working with the planet rather then abuse it. In that case, the antibodies would be extra terrestrial beings, aliens, angles, demons, gods, what ever you happen to believe in, will come to teach us, enlighten us if you will. Those seem to be the 2 options, what seems to be more logical to you? Things either need to be changed, fixed, or eradicated. No one is as much of an individual as you may think, we are all different due to the fact that we are all product of ┬áincest within the human family, we are one, we are all the same, yet different because we are just a different part of the “one”. when you conflict within your self and you find the things wrong with your self, you change them, fix them, or get rid of them. you don’t keep your negative traits once you realize they are bad. So why do we do that in society? Our ways are so flawed, prison dose not fix bad people, there are more suitable punishments then time out, think of some for your self. We need to work together to find the solution rather the creating a bigger problem. We are a family, yet we all act like we hate each other. Move past your enemies, learn from them, change them from your enemies to your friends. Yet if they are detrimental to your life why would you associate with harmful beings in any ways? We need to get rid of the things that make enemies such as money, religion, and government. Money could be replaced by trading good deeds for good deeds. we have enough resources on this planet to go around in amounts of plenty. Government could be replaced by everyone actually having a say in what goes on, no one should have more power then anyone else. And religion? thats the biggest joke of them all. Everyone is the center of their own universe and we can manifest our own reality. Realize that we are our own god, when you understand your self you will understand all. God will come to you. Change your self and you will change the world, spread your knowledge and keep an open mind.

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